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With more than 70+ years of combined experience, JLC provides unrivaled engineering consultation services that give any project the resources it needs to succeed. At JLC, we have the expertise and the experience, paired with outstanding customer service, to produce the best results for all of our clients and customers.

Located in Central Florida, JLC was founded in 2009 by Adam Joseph Barney, P.E., and Blake Lawrence Suddeth, P.E. Adam and Blake have been working closely together since 2006 at a local engineering firm, where they quickly realized that they made an excellent and successful project team. The two partners finally decided to combine their strengths, knowledge, and experiences to form what is now the growing JLC Consulting Engineering Company. In 2018, JLC expanded and added the Space Coast office with partners Lawrence Michael Stoff, P.E. and Philip Rohm, CPD.

All partners are actively involved and engaged in each project for a wide variety of public and private clients. Our philosophy at JLC embraces sustainability in design, innovation in planning, and quality through experience. To ensure continuing dedication to accuracy and efficiency, we put all of our time and energy into our client’s satisfaction. Through this approach, we are able to guarantee a solid foundation of collaboration and superior quality in all of our projects.

Our Team

Adam J. Barney, P.E

Principal & Co-owner

Blake L. Suddeth, P.E.

Principal & Co-owner

Jordan A. Lambrecht

General Manager
Mechanical Engineer

Jen Edwards, PHR

HR Manager

Stephanie M. Barney

Studio Manager
Mechanical Designer

Kyle Bowen

Studio Manager
Mechanical Designer

Chadrick Williams

Studio Manager
Electrical Engineer

Zachary Schlueb, E.I.T.

Project Manager
Mechanical Engineer